Choosing the very best sites for sports betting Canadian provinces can be rather trick as there’s so much to consider. Are they fair, secure and trustworthy, and do they really have the best features? Well, with our selection of the best online sports betting Canada sites, you can instantly find the sites with our seal of approval.

Discover what makes the top-rated sportsbook Canada sites stand out among the rest. These are the ones with leading promotions, special features and those who really impress with margins and incredible odds.

Sports Betting in the Canadian Provinces

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In the province of Alberta, the number of casinos with a physical office is growing numerically thanks to the huge patronage of the lovers of gambling and betting in the province. These privately-owned casinos that are specific to Alberta provide other products like sport-betting sites, online gaming, and Poker that are run overseas. The activities of these casinos are monitored and regulated by the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, who are also in charge of licencing.

Gaming Laws in Alberta

The law which oversees and rules on matters related to gaming and sport-betting is the Gaming and Liquor Act, revised in 2013 and is the law under which the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission operates.

Sports Betting in Alberta

Sports betting in Alberta comes under the following brands:


Games which can be played under this category include basketball (professional and college), baseball and hockey. The brand allows the bettors to predict on 2 to 12 games, all of which are handicapped.


In this brand, the minimum wager is $2 while the maximum is $100. This allows players to predict 3 to 6 games and the predictions must be correct before one can claim their winnings.


A large number of sport-betting lovers in the province of British Columbia are exposed to many betting options both offline and online. This includes casinos operated online, Table games, Poker rooms, horse-racing and lotteries.

Gaming Laws in British Columbia

The government controls the activities of sports-betting solely through the Ministry of Finance. The law governing game-betting is the Gaming Control Act of 2002, which operates under the Gaming Policy and Enforcement branch.. Lottery activities, through the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, are also monitored by the province’s government.

Sports Betting in British Columbia

The games available for betting in this province include:

Point Spread

In ‘Point Spread’, the bettors can place bets on 2 to 12 games, with the winnings up to 475-times if twelve of the games’ predictions are successful, and two-times if two games are successful for a two-game prediction bet only.


‘Over/Under’ allows predictions from 2 to 10 games and is similar to the Point Spread.

Toto and Props

‘Toto and Props’ give bettors the chance to predict on 11 to 13 games.

Other sports-betting includes ‘No Single Team’ sports-betting. In the province of British Columbia, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation runs nineteen gaming centres for the community, six bingo halls and casinos too.


There are different ways that sports-betting lovers in Manitoba can enjoy betting both online and offline too. These include casinos, Poker rooms and sports-betting sites as well as bingo halls.

Gaming Laws in Manitoba

All sports and game-betting are covered under the Liquor and Gaming Control Act of 2014 which gives power to the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba, enabling it to operate.

Sports Betting in Manitoba

In Manitoba, the following brands are the headings under which game-betting is carried out.


Games which can be played under this include basketball (professional and college), baseball and hockey. The brand allows the bettors to predict on 2 to 12 games, all of which are handicapped.

Pro-Picks Pools & Props

This brand is like a card-based game that allows the bettors to predict the outcome of between 10 to 12 games. The cost is about $5 per selection, where plates and winners share 60% of the total amount used to stake on the bets.

For Pro-Picks Props, the brand is based on odds and gives bettors the chance to predict the outcome of three to six players’ selections. The minimum bet is $5 and the maximum, $100.


For the sports-betting fans in New Brunswick, options for both online and offline betting are available to them. These include physical casinos, lotteries and offline game-betting. Also, casinos, Poker rooms and sport-betting forums based overseas.

Gaming Laws in New Brunswick

The province’s gaming and sports-betting activities are governed by the government under the Gaming Control Act (2008).

Under this Act, the New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation was established to manage and control all gaming, sports-betting and lottery in the province.

Sports-Betting in New Brunswick

The sports-betting in New Brunswick is done under the following brands;

Pro-Line Fantasy

In this brand, the minimum amount to be staked is $2 while the maximum is $25. The brand allows bettors play to predict the outcome of between 2 to 5 selections.


This brand also gives the minimum amount to be staked which is $2 while the maximum is $25. This brand that is based on odds, gives bettors the chance to predict between two to eight games. The condition here is that for a bettor to claim winnings, all the predictions must be correct.

Other betting brands in this province include Pro-Line Futures, Stadium-Bets, and Pro-Line Fantasy.

In New Brunswick, there is only one physical casino that is available to players. It is located in Moncton city, just close to Magnetic Hill.


Sports-betting fans in this province are given the opportunity to play lotteries on paper and other sports-bets. Despite there being no physical casinos in this province, there are online casinos, Poker rooms, and sports-betting sites.

Gaming Laws in Newfoundland And Labrador

Gaming and sports-betting activities in this province are governed by the office of the Minister of Government Services and Lands in the Province’s lottery licence rules and regulations, which was drafted in 2002.

Sports-Betting in Newfoundland And Labrador

The brands found in this province for sports-betting includes:


This brand allows a minimum stake of $2 and a maximum stake is $25. They allow bettors to predict the outcome of between 2 to 8 games and the predictions must be correct before the bettor can claim winnings.

Pro-Line Fantasy

This brand is based on odds and is similar to PRO-LINE except that it allows the bettor to play games of between two to five players on team selections.

Pro-Line Futures

This odds-based game allows players to stake on a one-game selection only. The minimum stake allowed here is $2 while the maximum stake is $100.


STADIUM-BETS are very similar to PRO-LINE but the difference is that they are played online only on the ATLANTIC LOTTERY CORPORATION’s portal Additionally, the maximum amount that can be staked is $250.

Just like in other provinces, there is no ‘Single-Team’ sports-betting available.


In this province, the sports-betting enthusiasts are offered a range of betting to choose from and to place bets on. This includes gaming activities like carnival-style games, lotteries, and bingo. Also, there is the choice of playing online on sports-betting sites, casinos and Poker rooms.

Gaming Laws in Nova Scotia

All sports-betting and gaming activities are regulated and controlled under the Gaming Control Act of 1995. Under this law, the Alcohol and Gaming Division was established to implement the Act. Also, the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries & Casino Corporation (NSPLCC) was also established to regulate the activities of gaming and sports-betting in the province.

Sport Betting in Nova Scotia

In the Nova Scotia Province, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation allows the operation of both online and offline in the following brands; PRO-LINE, Stadium-Bets and PRO-LINE Fantasy.


In the province of Ontario, sports-betting fans have the option of playing either in physical casinos or online/virtual casinos, lotteries etc. Also, they can play on sports-betting sites, Poker and other online gaming that originate in foreign places.

The government does not allow the operation of privately-owned casinos, both physical and online/virtual. There are some exceptions though.

Gaming Laws in Ontario

In this province, the activities of sports-betting are controlled as stipulated in the Gaming Control Act of 1992. This Law is being implemented by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario established in 1998.

Sports-Betting in Ontario

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) allows sports-betting for the following brands; Pro-Picks Props, Pro-Picks Pools, Pro-Line and Point-Spread.

Pro-Picks Pools & Props

This brand is primarily a card game that allows the players to place bets on a selection of 10 to 12 games.

Pro-Picks is primarily an odds game, giving bettors the opportunity to predict between 3 to 6 players or teams.


In the province of Quebec, there are different sports for ranges for sports-betting fans to choose from and place bets on. Also, they can take advantage of online games.

Gaming Laws in Quebec

There are different laws regulating sports and game-betting in Quebec especially the Act on racing. Other laws in this area include the Act for Société des loteries du Québec, the Act for Lotteries, publicity contests and others.

The agency in charge of enforcing these laws is the Quebec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission (RACJ) which was established in 1993.

Sports-Betting in Quebec

The brands under which sports-betting takes place are the Predictions and Mise-o-jeu.


For this brand, a prediction-selection list is published every Thursday and bettors make their selections from that list for their favourite team/player in order to place their bets. Every selection list costs $5 and all players with the correct predictions will share in a pool of 60% of the total stakes from the published list. The sports available in this brand include basketball, hockey, American football and football.


This brand is based on odds and gives the players the chance to place their bets on their predictions of between two to eight games. To claim winnings, all selections or predictions made must be correct. The minimum stake in this brand is $2 while the maximum is $100.

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