Maestro Review


Maestro is a widely popular debit card service that works perfectly on a multi-national platform. It is one of the most successful products from the MasterCard company that was found in 1992 in the United States. Maestro cards can be easily obtained from different associated banks.

How can use Maestro?

Once you open your account in the listed bank, the professionals will simply link your account to a dedicated Maestro card. Whenever the cardholder needs to make any payment online, he/she simply needs to present the card at the POS system. Note that, this card can be swiped over the payment terminal either by the customer or by an assistant, inserted into a PIN device, chip or it can be read by some advanced contactless reader. Before completing the payment, the automated system at the associated bank will check the available funds in the account to initiate a respective purchase. If it is okay, the bank authorizing the payment, and the cardholder also need to confirm it by entering the 4 or 6-digit secret PIN. However, in the case of contactless transactions, no such verification is required.

Though, as per the rules mentioned by Mastercard, there are some floor limits for the Maestro EVM chip transactions only; Maestro cards need users to undergo an online electronic authorisation process to complete each and every transaction online. In most cases, the secret information is stored within the magnetic strip or the chip on the card, and in order to confirm the transaction, the issuing bank needs to verify the details online. When the information is not read accurately, the system automatically declines the transaction irrespective of the available balance in the account. However, in the Asia Pacific region, the transactions are also completed through manual entry, and the process is quite different from other credit or debit cards used in other countries. In this case, the cardholder needs to enter 13 to 19 digits into the dedicated terminal along with the expiry date information; only then will the transaction will be approved by the respective bank.

What does Maestro provide?

There are so many benefits of using Maestro cards for payment. It provides instant cash access from any corner of the country without waiting so long for the complicated fund verification. Users simply need to swipe their card and then enter the PIN that works like an additional layer of protection. In case your card gets lost, it cannot be used by others without knowing that secret PIN. These cards can be used to collect physical cash from ATMs and to make online payments as well. In this digitally advanced world, the Maestro cards provide an easy option for making payment while shopping online as well as in the local merchant stores. Indeed, the Maestro card offers many unique benefits, and the best thing to know is that this card is easier to use. Even beginners can handle it with ease to make routine transaction. You can open an account in any of your nearby banks and get the Maestro Card to ease the transaction process for your routine purchasing process. They are accepted at most of the terminals these days.


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