Cash Out Review


Introduction to Cash Out Betting

Cash out betting is a feature of most online bookmaker betting services. It is a facility that allows customers to take control of bets. Bettors can close pre-match bets or bets placed earlier in the event during an in-play fixture or match. Bets can be fully or partially cashed out or left until the final outcome is known.

This option guarantees a profit or limits the loss regardless of the result of the event. It is insurance against the odds moving against the bet. The win or loss is known before the event ends. Pre-tournament bets can also be cashed out during events and after each round.

Process to Cash Out Bets

Bookmakers offer cash out betting on a selected number of sports and markets. There is usually an icon near the market to indicate that bettors can cash out the bet. Customers click the icon and the bookmaker offers a cash out value. This amount applies regardless of the final result of the event. The profit from a winning bet and the loss from a losing bet is fixed. The event may go for or against the bet, but the profit or loss remains unaltered.

This value is dependent on the odds when the customer makes the request and the odds and stake for the original bet. Some bookmakers offer partial cash out, but others only have the options of a full cash out or letting the bet run. A bet can be cashed out later in the event or be settled when the result is known. It is popular for the following sports:


Football is the most popular online betting sport in the industry. It makes sense that cash out betting is available for the most leagues and markets. Customers cash out bets on match result markets. For example, if bettors back the home team and they score the first goal, they are in a strong trading position. The away team may equalise or go on to win the match. Conversely, the home team could score the second goal. Once the bet has been cashed out later developments are irrelevant for settlement of the bets.


Customers can cash out bets in many tennis markets, including the match winner and the winner of a set. Live tennis betting is volatile and the match odds change after each point. The most significant price movements take place after a break of serve or when the receiver wins a point. The nature of live tennis betting means there are many opportunities to cash out a bet. If the backed player in the match result market breaks serve the odds will drop significantly. This provides a window to cash out. The profit is fixed regardless of the next break or the match outcome.

Other Sports

Sports in which there are ongoing tournaments and leagues are suited to this betting. For example, a customer may back a player to win a golf or tennis tournament before the play begins. If the backed player performs well in a round, the outright win odds will fall. The bettor has the option to cash out the bet before the next round. The backed player may improve the position or miss the cut or lose a match. The value of the cash out option does not change regardless of how events later in the tournament pan out.


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