Betsense Review


With its headquarters in Tbilisi, Betsense is a new and very successful developing studio offering over thirty Flash games for desktop. The fast-growing company has over twenty employees and also provides the most successful operators in Georgia with custom game designs.

The company’s heart is set on creating a range of games that could be enjoyed by every player in the world. Whether you enjoy skill, social or slot games, Betsense games instantly impress with advanced technology and HD graphics.

Rise to Success

The previous owner of a Flash studio joined Betsense as its CEO in 2015. His background added to the success of the developer, which is now the main supplier of Flash games to the biggest operator in Georgia.

Over the past couple of years, the company emerged as one of the major players in the iGaming industry in Georgia. With Zakaria Khitarishville in the lead, it is a regular attendee at the annual Gaming Congress in Georgia. He also hosts most of the presentations regarding all the new developments in online casino gaming.

Betsense Games

Most of the Betsense games are built in Georgian while more and more are now available in English. This is a great indicator of just how serious the company is to enter the global market. While some of the games are quite traditional, the fruity slots do stand out. For example, Frozen Fruits is a great option for new players and those who enjoy fruit slots. If you prefer a bit more complex, then Slice Fruits is more suitable, plus you get to decide between the 20-payline or the 40-payline version.

The best part is that Betsense thinks out of the box and creates slots with completely different themes to the norm. The Dictator is a 20-payline video slot that features some of the most historical figures, including Fidel Castro, Stalin and Adolph Hitler.

Other unique titles, not available from any other developers, include 40 Slice Fruits, Mammoth and Khinkal slot. There is also the Karabakh slot, which is one of the first to feature a specific brand of cigarettes. Now you know we are serious when we say the games are refreshingly different. When it comes to bonus features, you can expect quite a bit of extra wins from wild substitution, multipliers as well as scatters and free spins in games such as Africa.

Betsense Table Games

There are more than just slots offered by Betsense although the games are limited at the moment. The table and card games selection will expand soon, although for now, it offers Japanese Joker and Russian Poker.

The dealer only plays with ace and king or higher in Russian Poker, which looks easy to play as you have three options to choose from the deal, clear and rebet. If you like to go head to head with your opponent, then you will enjoy the skill games. Great favourites include checkers, dominoes, backgammon and the more casual games are Farkle and Sea Battle.

Betsense is well on its way to impress the global market and if it continues to create games available in more languages. It is only a matter of time before it is available at many online casinos. The Flash games are only available on desktop, and hopefully, we will soon be able to enjoy the games on our mobile devices. One thing is for sure: none of the games is ordinary in any way. The Betsense goal is to create games in which your every bet will make sense.


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