Sports fans in the USA over the last ten years have been enjoying online betting options offered by most sports-betting websites. These websites have taken a great deal in developing these products with special offers for types of sports-betting.

Best Sports Betting Sites in the USA 2019

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In the US, four sports take a major piece of the pie. These include hockey, basketball, American football, and baseball. You can get great offers on these sports if you research because they are competitive and come up with great offers to entice customers. Besides the main lines, teasers, season-long bets, and parleys are offered too.

For horse-racing, betting sites in the US dedicate special sections to this sport. In this part, it is noticeable that the promotional deals for sports-betting are different from the horse-racing section. These range from normal track-racing and special events like the Breeders’ Cup.

Currently, golf and motor racing have also become popular sports with special deals dedicated to them by these sites, which are now big enough to accommodate for more sports. Other sports including football, boxing and tennis also have special lines.

Now, the betting sites are competing greatly to outwit each other in attracting new customers. They do this by offering free bets or even deposit bonuses as part of the welcome package. They also try to keep their regular customers happy by offering special promotions to them.


There are some regular checks you can carry out to verify the authenticity of the website before you begin depositing. Even though many betting sites out there are well-known brands and may be trustworthy, you may want to first verify it yourself.

So, the first thing to check out is the origin of the operating licence. Antigua, the Netherlands, Antilles, and the Kahnawake Territory are all regions for betting sites in America. Well, this may not be a determining factor, but no licence should be an eye-catcher.

Also, it is advisable that you should only sign up to sites with up to five years in operation. Brands in debt or those that make shady deals in this business do not last very long. Any issue at all would already have been displayed on the internet and their reputation ruined. Only those brands who have built a reputation of taking care of their customers for years, should be your choice.

In addition, you need to ensure that the brand of your choice is operating responsibly within the limits and that their customer service is top notch.


Now that you have decided on the authentic betting site to play on, the next thing to do is deposit money. Compared to the past, where there were little restrictions, banks now have stiffer measures in place. However, you can bypass these measures and make your deposit with just a little knowledge.

You can do this using your bank or credit card to make your deposit. Visa and sometimes Mastercard are accepted by some of the best sites. You can use prepaid credit cards if the main cards are rejected. However, it is advisable to contact Customer Care of the specific betting site to see which prepaid cards are accepted on their site. Prepaid cards can be purchased in grocery stores and used all over the nation.

However, the safest way of depositing funds on a betting site is through a money transfer service. One clear example of this service is the Western Union. You can take the cash yourself to the office to deposit after obtaining the routing information of the site’s best branch for the money transfer service from their Customer Care.

You can receive your winnings by requesting a paper cheque which is the most preferred method of collecting winnings. They are delivered by post, and then you can cash them at any American bank. You can also use a money transfer service for sites that use them.

Make sure to check out the top safest websites that will accept your bets.

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